• Full Day Guitar Workshop Austin, Texas 9 am-5pm

    6 String Ranch Presents GRAMMY Award-winning Guitarist

    Ed Gerhard’s  Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop composition & arrangement

     —  Austin, Texas.   

    Call (603) 767-3607 for more info 

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    Full Day Guitar Workshop Austin, Texas   9 am-5pm
  • New “Ed Gerhard Signature Model”

    Built by Breedlove Guitars, the journey of the Ed Gerhard Signature Model Dreadnought begins with Ed’s music and personality. For decades the Grammy Award-winning guitarist has entertained audiences worldwide, combining his inimitable technique with his equally inspiring compositions and sense of humor.

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    New “Ed Gerhard Signature Model”
  • There and Gone

    ” …some of the richest steel-string sounds you’ve ever heard.”
    – Andy Ellis  Premier Guitar Magazine

    A mix of unique and original compositions and compelling covers. Mostly solo guitar with occasional overdubs of bass, Weissenborn guitar, lap steel and additional acoustic guitars. Covers include “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry,” “Imagine/Across The Universe,” “Killing the Blues” and a fresh take on Leo Kottke’s lovely “Three Quarter North.”

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    There and Gone

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From Tokyo to Rome and venues across the US, Ed Gerhard's music has touched audiences all over the world.